Is The IAHP For Me?

5 simple statements that will determine if the Instructional At-Home Plan (IAHP)® parent involvement program is for your district, school, or organization

1. You are passionately committed and concerned with the state of education and believe that the role of the parent is strongly connected to academic success.

2. It is with a sense of urgency you understand the consequences of the school readiness and/or achievement gap.

3. You realize that the impact of poverty in education must be attacked with an intentional, systematic plan.

4. The research is clear and you know that parent involvement is critical, and now you seek a proven method that operationalizes parent involvement into measurable actions that are directly connected to student data and performance.

5. Your institution is ready to address “the elephant in the room” of your parents not being as involved in education as you would like and have decided to change that.

The findings from a recent literacy study revealed that when parents of kindergarten students used the Instructional At-Home Plan (IAHP)® the end of year results were:
Green/ benchmark level students were increased by 50% Yellow/strategic level students decreased by almost two-thirds Red/intensive level students were reduced by more than 50%

If you have answered yes to any of these five statements, the IAHP can be of immense value to you. 

Dr. Tanya Foster-DeMers
(847) 269-2812