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Difficult Conversations

Fall is normally a very exciting time of year for not only myself but also, countless thousands of educators who start a fresh academic term.  This fall was a little different and difficult.  My first months of school included the

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African American Boys and the Invaluable Role of Parent Involvement

My parent involvement strategy, The Instructional At-Home Plan (IAHP)®, produces a very high percentage of both male and female students achieving or exceeding measured literacy goals. Academic success is no surprise for myself, or for the parents who I partner

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Achievement Gap-Academic Problem or Not?

Most educators are quite familiar with the issue of there being groups of children who underperform on standardized assessments when compared to their peers. We commonly refer to this as the achievement gap. Researchers and educators now trace the roots

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A Parent Involvement Call to Action

My name is Dr. Tanya Foster-DeMers.  I want to welcome you to our site and share a little about myself.  I’ve recently completed my twentieth year of teaching.  This is a celebrated milestone for me, and the years were very

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